Sunday, October 29, 2006

Part II: YouTube

YouTube is probably one of the most talked about websites in existence now. After its acquisition earlier this month by Google, it's received a tremendous amount of media attention. YouTube is a collection of videos uploaded by...anybody. There's a dizzying amount of content available from people singing along to their favorite songs (often badly) to videos of pet tricks. Of course, there are scores of videos featuring teenagers talking at the camera.

YouTube has also been the place to view clips from popular tv shows, although (although copyrighted materials are being removed presently.)

This clip of a Welsh Corgi is popular, and contains nothing more than two minutes of a puppy walking around.

YouTube separates its content into categories, but since the videos are tagged by the people uploading their videos, it's not always helpful. Consider the categories suggestions instead of actual, definitive categories.

This appeared in the Science & Technology category.
Rube Goldberg S'more Machine

inside of hard drive

Different movements of the hard drive are shown as different actions are taken. It might satisfy a curiosity that you didn't even know existed. YouTube is good for that.

According to an article in Forbes, teenagers aren't the only ones using YouTube. Adults can even entertain and amuse themselves on the site with a lot of patient browsing.

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